The Home Depot

“Matt has done tremendous work for The Home Depot in multiple-states over many years. He’s been more than a consultant, he’s been an extension of our team. His work ethic, ability to quickly understand complicated issues, and deliver results have been invaluable and make him one of the best in the business.”

Heather Kennedy – Vice President, Government Relations


Rare is the person in any profession who embodies both impeccable ethics and unquestionable effectiveness. Matt is that rare person. After five years of knowing and working closely with him, I can attest to both of these qualities. He is resourceful and knowledgeable about the legislative process, and he mindfully advocates for creation of good policy solutions for all even as he vigorously works on behalf of his clients’ objectives. Proof of this is best illustrated in Virginia’s first-in-the-nation Computer Science K-12 education legislation. His knowledge of legislative procedure, his creativity and his dogged commitment more than once rescued this important legislation, and helped steer it to unanimous passage.  Matt helped turn indigestion-inducing legislative sausage into Grade-A steak. 

Chris Dovi – Executive Director

Chesapeake Bay Academy

“For over a year and-a-half Matt worked tirelessly to make the case for our educational improvement scholarship tax credit bill; legislation that was arguably a bit of a long-shot. Through a deep understanding of the legislative process, a keen intellect, and an extensive network of relationships across the political spectrum, Matt was able to see this bill through to becoming law. With a unique balance of EQ and IQ, Matt is a guy who gets things done.”


Dr. Judy Jankowski – Head of School

Virginia Child Care Association

“Early childhood education is the most dynamic force in education today. The landscape is ever changing and VCCA needs to be constantly positioning itself to be an important and influencial voice at the table. Matt Benedetti and Associates have played a significant role in helping us achieve this. They are essential to our current and future success.”

Myra Sawyers – Association President

Chartrand Legal Management, Inc.

“Moving oversight of my client from one state agency to another was daunting, but Matt created and executed a plan that made the transition smooth and effortless. He did an outstanding job for us. I trust him. I would recommend Matt to anyone.”

Art Chartrand – Principal, Chartrand Legal Management, Inc. Lenexa, KS